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I said I wasn't going to use this blog to comment on social issues, but I can't resist calling attention to this: this week's editorial in the National Catholic Reporter, and a related article about Fr. Robert Cushing.

Cushing was recently "relieved of his duties" at his Augusta, Georgia parish because he had the audacity to travel to Japan to apologise to the Japanese on the 60-year anniversaries of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6th and 9th, respectively).

It's okay for Pope Paul VI to condemn the bombings as "a butchery of untold magnitude," but priests are supposed to keep their opinions on such matters to themselves. Cushing is being punished for not complying with this rule. The real reason? His politically conservative parishioners were threatening to withhold donations for a new church building if Cushing was kept on.

It's astonishing to me how ignorant people can be. I shouldn't be astonished, but I am.


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