Made in America...or else

Here's an amusing story: several American states are passing legislation prohibiting the sale of foreign-produced American flags.
The (Minnesota) law's sponsor, Democratic Rep. Tom Rukavina, said the flag deserves extra protection. To celebrate his legislative victory, he plans to hand out 1,000 miniature flags at Fourth of July parades in his district.

"The biggest honor that you can give the flag is that it be made by American workers in the United States of America," he said. "Nothing is more embarrassing to me than a plastic flag made in China. This replica of freedom we so respect should be made in this country."
I'm not sure how the flag is a "replica of freedom," but nevermind.

Some Minnesota lawmakers dissented:
"That flag should be made throughout the world because it is our message to the world that there is hope for freedom and justice," said Republican Rep. Dan Severson.
Uh huh.


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