Cardinal Rodé

Tom Fox of NCR has posted a little "meditation" on some photos of Cardinal Rodé, the curial official overseeing the apostolic investigation of American women religious.

Fox writes,
Looking at these photos, one is reminded of the cultural, ecclesial, and socio-psychological diversity that make up our church. Living, as we do, in the early 21st century, we should recognize we are products of a mix of complex and unprecedented pre-modern, modern, and post-modern influences and temperaments.
He wonders if Rodé, "whose penchant for a traditional, monarchical, European styled, pre-counciliar church, is clearly evident in these photos," is really in a position to make any judgments about the women religious in a cultural setting so far removed from his own.

Fox is not judging Rodé simply on his fashion sense. He quotes a comment made by Rodé to John L. Allen, Jr. claiming that Vatican II "triggered 'the greatest crisis in church history.'" The image of Rodé walking in a procession, with his long train being carried behind him, is also revealing.

Fox provides a link to a site featuring numerous photos of Rodé which simply have to be seen to be believed.



Blogger Mystical Seeker said...

Je pense que "Son Eminence" est un peu trop orgueilleux de lui-même. But hey, maybe that's just me.

3:48 p.m.  
Blogger PrickliestPear said...

Ha ha. No, it's not just you.

3:58 p.m.  
Blogger Frank L said...

Looks like they are wearing doilies in some of these.

2:53 p.m.  
Blogger TheraP said...

Well, I can see it's good thing I studied French! Will we have to resort to speaking and writing in foreign languages now? ;)

I repeat what I've said elsewhere. If a man (or woman) is filled with the Presence of God, that shines through - no fancy clothes needed! Let us pray for leaders "clothed" in the Holy Spirit - serving as Jesus did.

Remember that part about how the disciples were sent out with only one tunic? I bet it didn't look like these!

4:56 p.m.  
Blogger crystal said...

Nice duds :)

8:45 p.m.  

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