Why don't North American papers publish stuff like this?

From Haaretz columnist Meron Benvenisti:
An odious scent of imperialistic mildew wafts from the Gazan operation as well as similar operations that have been launched in the past. European statesmen, who recently paid a visit here, could have swapped memories with Ehud Olmert about acts of cruelty committed by their countries... Everyone is ashamed of their past, save for the Israeli, who is actually proud of his deeds.

Ignoring the fundamental shift in international norms since the colonial era apparently has no bearing on the efficiency of the brutal Israeli operation. It created the desired results in favor of the stronger party, thus Israelis can boast of their victory when they are desensitized to the humanitarian repercussions. As such, they remove themselves from the group of civilized nations of which they claim to be part. [source]
Amazing that stuff like this is routinely published in a mainstream Israeli newspaper like Haaretz, but never in mainstream North American newspapers. Theres something not right about that.

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