Patheos and SoulPancake

Lately I've been checking out a couple of new-ish websites devoted to religion and spirituality.

I first heard about Patheos on Carl McColman's blog, Anamchara, and at first it seemed like it might have some promise. Alas, most of the discussions I've seen so far have been, frankly, moronic. On the Catholicism discussion board, for example, one of the discussion topics was "Same-Sex Intimacy: A Form of Masturbation?"

Enough of that.

Far more edifying is SoulPancake. One of the people behind this site is Rainn Wilson, best known for his brilliant portrayal of Dwight Shrute on The Office. Wilson says in an introductory video that he wants to "de-lameify" talk about God and religion. Some of the questions being discussed in the Life's Big Questions section include, "Is there a relationship between creativity and spirituality?" and "Can revenge ever be therapeutic?" SoulPancake is worth checking out just for the funky background artwork.



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