This is just wrong...

You may have heard about the 67 year-old woman in Spain who gave birth to twins a few days ago. When I saw the headline I thought, "oh, the poor woman, what an unfortunate accident!" (Not my exact words.)

But no. Astonishingly, she was impregnated by in vitro fertilisation. Nothing accidental about that.

I have difficulty imagining a woman in her 80s having the energy to raise teenagers, which is what is going to happen, assuming she lives that long. I can't imagine what she was thinking.

Read about it here.


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Greetings! Googled "Basileia" and found your blogsites. No time to explore all yet, but the Basilea stuff is terrific--honest, insightful and a model of clarity. I will use it, if I may, with my Living the Questions group at Wesley-Knox United Church here in London, Ontario.I hope you know about Eternal Spring United Church in Hamilton, Ontario www.eternalspring.ca where David Galston teaches this stuff all the time. Also, if looking for a kindred spirit albeit far away, check out www.austinuu.org and Davidson Loehr's sermon, "The Religion of Jesus vs. the Religion About Jesus" at http://www.austinuu.org/sermons/2005/2005-10-23-LiberalReligionPartIII.html. That's what got me going. With every good wish, Harry MacLean MacVE3GRO@aol.com.

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